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Every effort is been made to represent the product (s)

Service (s) as accurately as possible and the benefits it could hold for

 you.  There is no guarantee that you will earn on the Internet using our

 techniques, what works for us may not work for you.  We concentrate of

 providing you products that could help you,  free and paid services or and

 products. The following words in regards to expect, plan, believe

 expected, growth, intend, plan, projected, and so forth are used to

 explain the possible benefit to you.   Like with anything else it is left up

 to you to decide.  There are many factors that could play an important

rule to your own success.   Time and Effort, consistency and more.

We do make a profit/commission on third party products and services we

promote.  We have not tried out all the products or services and cannot

be made to do so.  The local shop owner does not try out all his wares

that he sells,  there is not different to and Internet Marketing website


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VivBounty's Safari To Success and Associates do receive commission for Products and services that we promote on and off the Internet.  All MMR and PLR e-books / ecourses or services are legal and licensed to us to package sell in any way we choose.  
VivBounty's Safari To Success and Associates are based in Canada and any legal action will take place in Canada at your own expense.

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Errors and Omissions Will be Excepted

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We are an Affiliate Marketing Company and the views of any third party associations might not be the same as ours We earn a commission on upgrades and or any purchases made from our Promotions and Marketing.  **PLEASE NOTE: All files have been scanned and verified as virus free. However, we highly recommend that you run your own virus scan BEFORE unzipping and installing the files on your own computer, by  downloading and installing these files, you do so at your own risk. VivBounty's Safari to Success and Associates accepts no responsibility for any damages that may occur.  Always scan before opening.

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